Rewrite Url Example?

Rewrite Url Example?

Postby ruffsl » Tue 11. Mar 2014, 21:02

I'm not too familiar with regular expression patterns, put I'm trying to use the "Rewrite Url" option in the Advanced tab.
I keep finding a few references starting with
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in my static HTML, and I'd like to swap the domain to
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. I think this is because some java script addon I'm using doesn't seem to be pointing the hosting URL no matter how wordpress's general settings are set.

I've come up with rule, but I'm not sure if its correct or how the plugin is expecting the regular expression:
"If this
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%{HTTP_HOST} http://localhost:1111/ [NC]
regular expression pattern match than rewrite the url to
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^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

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Re: Rewrite Url Example?

Postby Erik Sefkow » Sat 15. Mar 2014, 17:42

rewriteexample.JPG (20.83 KiB) Viewed 2061 times

I think this should solve your problem.
Erik Sefkow
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