Need a way to "force" transfering files to static destinatio

Need a way to "force" transfering files to static destinatio

Postby benj74 » Tue 25. Feb 2014, 19:07


This plugin is awesome but some stuffs are clunky like hell.

e.g. I want my destination to be fully static and to have NOT A SINGLE link to my real WP install.

But, for this to work,there is lots of files that needs to be transfered to the static destination, files which are NOT part of the template folder... example :

- robots.txt
- javascript files from plugins
- some php files
- some plugin CSS files
- some plugin images files
- etc...

right now the only way to have them transfered is to build a webpage with a link to all these resources... which doesn't make sense at all !!! And using the "rewrite URL" function is clearly not a good solution when you have 30+ files to add.

Why do I need to write something like that :

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<a href="">robots.txt</a>

and then check add the "txt" extension to the list of files "Copy all attached files with following extensions to the destination server: [?]"... all of this JUST to get a robots.txt file transfered !

There should be an easier way !!! Ideally just a list of files and/or folders which should be transfered to the static destination.

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