Single page hook not working as expected

Single page hook not working as expected

Postby benj74 » Tue 25. Feb 2014, 18:59


On wordpress plugin page there is written :

Make Really-Static work with other WordPressplugins

$url= filename without siteprefix, that means just e.g.: "nonwordpresspage.html"

Make a page static:


So I assumed that if I wanted to add my robots.txt file to the static files I should just add to my custom-functions.php the following :

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if (function_exists('reallystaticsinglepagehook')) {

However this didn't work at all, as a result I end with :

- a file named robotstxt (so without a ".")
- the content of this file is completey messed up... it's just the source code or a 404 error page

So the hook isn't working as I expected, it's a shame I'll have to make a link to my robots.txt file from one of my webpage and allow ".txt" extensions to be copied by the "Copy all attached files with following extensions to the destination server: [?]" routine.

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