Media is not Copied During Publish

Media is not Copied During Publish

Postby Erich » Thu 5. Dec 2013, 16:13

Hello, Erik! Thanks much for your work (I made a donation yesterday)!

I am having a small issue, however. It seems that the media files I have uploaded (at this time only jpg and pdf files) are not being copied to the destination. Here is some background. I am setting up a system so that people with very few computer skills may add content to the site. I am really just using WordPress to template for me. I have WP set up on a subdomain ( that is secured and Really Static is publishing to the domain root ( The html documents are generated and pushed perfectly and I have manually copied over the theme css and js files that are used so the textual content, layout and navigation work just fine.

The media files are not being copied over. On the Really Static settings page, the default file types - including both .jpg and .pdf - are both included in the extension list. I checked the actual files to make sure there were no case sensitivity issues, and there should not be. If I uncheck "Rewrite every <wp url> with <destination url>", WordPress serves up the images in the page template (links in the content body, however are rewritten and thus fail). I am sure copying these files over manually would fix the issue, but given the settings page, it looks like this should work automatically which is preferable.

What do you think?

Thanks much,
Erich Heard

Re: Media is not Copied During Publish

Postby Guest » Thu 5. Dec 2013, 17:53

All right, I got this sorted out. Most of my files were not attached to any one page/post, they were used in the template or as inline links. I attached them all to a page or post. Next, I had "Don't copy any linked file to the static file folder, just the static Wordpressfiles" checked, so I unchecked it. I did have to reinstall Really Static, but I think that was for a separate reason. In any event, after I did all of these things, everything published.


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