[feature] Trigger when publication is done

[feature] Trigger when publication is done

Postby Suricat » Tue 1. Oct 2013, 11:42

First of all, really great plugin ! I wish I had discovered it sooner... I will soon start my first web service using it in production

I need to publish to several static servers (web farm). For now, I think I will publish to a local folder then a system cron task will publish to all the servers, thus either I publish every 5 minutes but there is no update and this is not really nice or I publish only every few hours and then my users don't really agree to wait that long before updates are visibles.

This is why I would require a new feature :-)

Could it be possible to have a trigger which could either be a local exec or an URL called after every time the file update process ends ? Or maybe there is already this information somewhere in the log file which could help me trigerring ?

An other solution would be to allow several destination servers and not only one. This would directly solve my problem but the trigger option might also be used for other task.

Anyway, many thanks for this plugin !
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