Missing CSS files nightmare

Missing CSS files nightmare

Postby benj74 » Mon 24. Feb 2014, 23:30


I've made a donation as I thought the "Really Static Templatecopier" would solve my issues with a gazillion CSS files missing (I'm using the plugin to use a subdomain.somedomain.com and then FTP and rename the whole as anotherdomain.com also using the "security option" to handle all the renaming), the issues are :

- my child theme CSS are missing (only the parent theme CSS is tranfered)
- lots of plugins insert their own CSS files in the header, they are ALL missing and I doubt the "Really Static Templatecopier" plugin can do anything for it.

Erik I hope you can help me, I needed this plugin to work but it seems like it doesn't fully work as it should. I wanted to use it for LOTS of installs so manually copying the missing files and folders is not an option.

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